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Mar 12, 2019

David Brymer is an artist, songwriter, producer and worship leader who resides in Yerevan Armenia with his lovely wife Sahar. Born in the midwest of America, but a Southern California boy by heart, David enjoys the outdoors, traveling, good food, videography, and building things with wood in his spare time. Music and people are his world, and he spends his time songwriting and serving the body of Christ locally in Yerevan and abroad, encouraging and inspiring other artists. Though living on the other side of the world, David has also remained connected with his southern California church family, Vintage Church Santa Monica as a part of the worship leadership. They recently released their first album titled: Heaven All Around Us, birthed from nights of worship and community songwriting. Over the last 5 years, David has traveled extensively, particularly in the Middle East, doing volunteer work with various organizations and friends through building relationships, teaching music, working with refugees, fostering the arts, and being a champion of those without a voice. He has hope and passion for others from the West to catch a vision of an expansive world view, to reach out beyond their current experience, be affected by their world, and be an agent of change through the power of love. He currently is working on a new full-length album, and has released numerous singles over the last couple years, the latest of which is a song called "Refugee". 

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